GSuite for Your Business

Provides Best Collaboration Experience

  • G Suite gives people a better way to collaborate resulting in higher productivity and more connected teams.
  • Teams can work together on the same document, spreadsheet or presentation at the same time, ensuring everyone is using the most up to date version
  • People can stay connected from almost any device with one to one chat and group
    chat that can include text, audio, or video
  • Individuals or groups can easily share calendars for smarter,easier scheduling
  • Easily include a link for video chat in your next calendar invite.
  • G Suite works with Microsoft Office files. G Suite makes Microsoft Office more valuable and useful because you can use Google Docs to store, open, share, and modify the vast majority of your Office files.

    Reduces IT Costs

  • No hardware or software to purchase, install, or update on-site.
  • The entire solution is accessed through a browser.
  • Rapid & Continuous innovations improves productivity at NO additional costs.
  • G Suite provides secure interfaces for integration with current systems with Google APIs

Gives Enterprise Grade Administrative Controls

  • Message archiving and e-discovery called G Suite Vault
  • Easily automate processes with G Suite Script
  • Integration with Google’s powerful  cloud computing tools called Google Cloud  Platform
  • Mobile device management for securing  G Suite on phones
  • 99.9% uptime service level agreement
  • Enterprise-level support

We can help you start with GSuite

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