As AWS Partner, we help companies with cloud migrations, system design,, remote administration, and deployment of applications on AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure.
Robust Flexible, Scalable Reliable and Cost Effective, that’s what Amazon AWS stands for,, One of the leading cloud infrastructure solution provider across the globe. As a consulting partner of Amazon AWS, HelpMates helps you migrate the business applications, data, servers, databases, to a secure and reliable Cloud infrastructure.

We can help you with the following :
1. Migrate your present infrastructure and systems to AWS.
2. Design, implement, develop, and manage secure and cost effective AWS solutions
3. Database Migration — we can help you migrate, scale, and manage your database.
4. Plan and implement disaster recovery for your infrastructure; archive and restore data to match your business needs.

Serverless Computing
As the name suggests, there are no server provisioning, configuring and scaling needed for your application.

  • No Server Management – server administration activities and/or software/runtime installation and maintenance are ruled out.
  • Flexible Scaling – the application itself can be configured to auto-scale by toggling units of consumption.
  • High Availability – The services running the application ensure availability and fault tolerance.
  • No Idle Capacity – costs are incurred only when the application is running. during idle times, additional costs are not applied.

Platform requirements vary for each website. AWS platform caters to the variety of needs as per requirements. Depending on the platform (Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, .NET) selected, AWS provides the respective SDK. Your preferred Content Management System (CMS) – WordPress, Drupal, Typo3, DotNetNuke, etc. are all available and seamlessly integrate.

AWS provides an elastic cloud computing infrastructure that addresses the varying demands without incurring high compute costs.

Amazon Glacier, a part of the AWS offering, provides an affordable long term storage solution. This eliminates the need for expensive tape backup mechanisms. Data transmission is done over SSL and encryption is is completed using 256 bit encryption keys. As an added security layer, AWS has an Identity and Access Management (IAM) service. This service manages and controls how you access your data, who can access your data, services and resources.

Content Delivery
Amazon has a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) called Amazon CloudFront. This delivers data, videos, applications, API, etc to the end users at high transfer speeds and low latency. Listed below are some of the benefits of using Amazon CloudFront.

  • Global Growing Network – this is built on the expanding global AWS Infrastructure that has its presence in 21 countries and 48 cities as of today.
  • Secure Content at the Edge – Security is an inbuilt feature of this CDN at network level and application level. This setup is compliant with HIPAA, PCI, DSS and ISO to maintain its trustworthiness across geographies.
  • Deep Integration with Key AWS Services – This is deeply interwoven with other Amazon services viz.,
  • High Performance – Amazon CloudFront is designed, built and optimized for high data transfer speeds across geographies.
  • Cost Effective – Like other cloud services within and outside Amazon, there are no upfront costs, no fixed platform fees, no long term commitments, no price fluctuations depending on content. You pay only for the data transfer for content delivery.
  • Easy to Use – The AWS Management Console allows you to easily manage and monitor Amazon CloudFront features.

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